Master Cleanser Organic Kit – 128 oz (10-21 Days)


Enough maple syrup for a 20 day cleanse with standard units of laxative, tea, salt and cayenne pepper

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Maple Valley Syrup LogoMaple Valley Syrup is a product of the Organic Maple Cooperative. Our certified organic maple producer members are small to mid-sized family farms in North America. Our central processing, warehousing and offices are based in Cashton, Wisconsin. At the Organic Maple Cooperative, preserving the purity and effectiveness of the health benefits of our Maple Valley brand organic maple syrup is a top priority for the farmers who own the coop.

All our organic maple syrup producers adhere to strict standards of purity and organic and sustainable production. Our certified organic maple syrup is 100 percent free of additives (including formaldehyde, the use of which is now illegal in all U.S. maple syrup production). Organic certification by an independent third party organic certifier is what assures you, the consumer, that these statements are true. Maple Valley brand organic maple products are certified by Stellar Certification Services.

The Master Cleanse Kit Details

This 5 Day Master Cleanse Kit comes with 32 oz of Maple Syrup, enough for 32 servings. If you’re drinking 10 glasses a day, the recommended starting point, that’s only enough for 3 days.

  • All ORGANIC ingredients needed for the Stanley Burroughs’ Master Cleanse Diet (except lemons) including book!
  • 32 oz Grade B Organic Maple Syrup (Bpa Free and Formaldehyde Free)
  • 8 oz Organic compliant Sea Salt- Selina Naturally
  • 90 capsules Certified Organic Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annum) – Oregon Wild Harvest (1 Bottle – 90 GF, vegan capsules)
  • 16 tea bags “Get Regular” Laxative Tea – Yogi (1 Box of 16 tea bags)

Drink a minimum of 8 10oz Master Cleanse lemonades per day. Read The Master Cleanser for complete instructions including preparation and ending the master cleanse process.

The Kit Contains: *The Master Cleanser book by Stanley Burroughs (complete instructions for preparing, doing and ending the Master Cleanse by its inventor), *(1) Quart 32 oz of Organic Grade B pure Maple Syrup (Bpa Free) – Maple Valley Cooperative, *8 oz organic compliant Celtic Sea Salt (2 tsp in a quart of warm water daily)- Selina Naturally (not reflected in photo), *(1)Box of 16 Organic “Get Regular” Laxative Tea – Yogi, *(1) Bottle (90 capsules) GF, vegan capsules (1/2 cap per lemonade) Certified Organic Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum annum) – Oregon Wild Harvest


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